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What is the Safety Council?
The Adams Brown Counties Safety Council is sponsored by the Adams County Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. It offers "free" education to any company in the Adams and Brown County areas. This education will help companies learn to prevent workplace accidents which in turn should help reduce premium costs... Learn More or Download a Flyer.

 Who Can Join?

Any company in Adams or Brown Counties is welcome to attend the meetings, which are held once a month. (Usually the last Wednesday of the month)

We invite speakers who offer their professional insight of safety in the work environment.


 If you have any questions regarding the Adams Brown Safety Council, please contact the office of the Adams County Chamber of Commerce at 937-544-5454.




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10 Step Business Plan to Safety 

10-Step Business Plan for Safety(explanation)

With BWC's 10-Step Business Plan for Safety employers can focus on implementing a more effective safety plan one step at a time as opposed to getting lost in the "where to start" phase of the big picture.  While some of the BWC programs require employers to complete the 10-Step Business Plan for Safety, it can also be a good resource for companies looking to implement a new safety program or simply improve an old one.  Please watch our monthly newsletters/website each month, as we will be highlighting each step.  If you are anxious to get started or simply can't wait for the next step to be released you can visit Hunter Consulting Company's website at for the full plan outline.



Step #1  

Step #6

Step #2   

Step #7

Step #3

Step #8

Step #4

Step #9

Step #5

Step #10